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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Wildeflower Studio Workshop, photographs by Megan & I, 2023

Social media really can be an incredible tool. We met the lovely Pippa from Wildeflower Studio a couple of years ago over on Instagram. After brief comments and conversations, Pippa asked us to collaborate with her for one of her Wildeflower workshops in 2022. We created some simple stationery elements for the workshop (such as name tags and a program) and a minimalist menu and name card design for a mock-wedding table set-up.

We recently got to collaborate with Pippa on another wonderful workshop and it was truly the biggest joy! The theme of this workshop had a wonderfully vibrant colour scheme and we are just obsessed with how it all came together. When designing stationery for special events, we love to focus on the overall experience of the elements rather than just the aesthetic. We selected a beautiful paper stock that has a lovely, subtle texture and holds striking colours well (which was important for the vibrant name tags). We had some fun with the program design and, while keeping it simplistic, designed it in an arch-shape. Playing with layering and whitespace, we feel these wedding stationery elements compliment the overall table setting beautifully. Each place setting held a menu card and a name card, which doubled-up with a thank you message on the back.

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