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Updated: Jul 14, 2022

17 . 08 . 2021 | BRAND DESIGN

Sunny & Bear - a children’s lifestyle and clothing brand - pure, simple, practical, playful and free.

Over the past (almost) year, we have truly been able to experience the abundant life, silliness and pure joy that children bring. We have been able to watch our own little boys grow and change, learn and explore, experience the day-to-day for the first time and find happiness in the simplest of things. We related so deeply to this brand and everything it stood for, making this project oh so exciting!

Sunny & Bear lives for the beauty found in the simple, long days, adventures to explore and the wonderment of childhood. They wanted to give their brand a new whimsical identity that would reflect just that. It was an absolute joy to work on a new logo, colour palette, pattern, packaging and brand stationery. Take a look at how this sweet brand materialised into something truly magical (*A shoutout to @light_and_lark_photography for capturing these exceptionally beautiful photographs)...

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