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Updated: Jun 17, 2022


Wendy van Zyl – a creative director with the most phenomenal vision and a personal style that dreams are made of – established MUZE in 2014. She approached us soon after we had taken the leap of faith and made Little Bird a full-time affair and we are so thankful that she entrusted us with her rebrand. We loved watching how the initial brand brainstorm materialised in signage and swing tags.

The conceptualisation of MUZE made us look to our surroundings for inspiration.

Flourishing lush green environments.

Shapes and textures of foliage.

The deep, rich tones of scorched earth.

This is reflected in their fabric choices, pattern inspiration, colour palette and styles that are all handpicked and carefully sought out. It was also the foundation that the branding we created for them was built upon. A simple, elegant logo paired with bold botanicals sits perfectly alongside Wendy’s timeless, bespoke garments.

With a passion and love for all things feminine, beautiful, edgy and quirky, MUZE offers simple and easy to wear, stylish and versatile pieces. Find them here:

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