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We are still on a high from our first ever Paper Project, Cosy Session and we want to tell you all about it. So, grab a cup of tea and let's have a chat! A couple of weeks ago, we hosted an evening centred around colour exploration in oil paint. If this is the first time you are hearing about our workshops or The Paper Project, let us quickly fill you in.

What is The Paper Project?

In the past year, we have hosted two Paper Projects which are all about creativity and community. We strongly believe that we were all created to create. Whether you love to make things with your hands and consider yourself a very ‘artsy’ individual, or believe you don't have a creative bone in your body these evenings are for you. Truly. We are not trying to create an exclusive little club of artists trying to perfect their skills in a competitive environment, rather we wish to cultivate a space of inspiration, a space to learn and a space that welcomes new and exciting conversations.

The Paper Project is a large gathering hosted in our studio. Everyone who books a ticket is asked to bring a plate of eats along to create a communal harvest table. We have drinks and good music, with art supplies scattered all around. The idea is to come together and simply create. The Paper Project, Cosy Sessions: An Exploration of Colour in Oil Paint, on the other hand, was a lot more intimate. A small group of us got together to learn and be inspired.

There is just something so special about getting together with a group of people to learn and paint. It is not about the end result, but the process. Having a large blank canvas in front of you can be quite intimidating, but when you make a ‘swoosh’ or a mark, any mark, without too much thinking, the canvas suddenly becomes a whole lot less scary.

We have found ourselves in a beautiful season that encourages a heart to live simply and work with our hands (alongside the busy little bodies and adventurous footsteps that are always close by). We have found so much joy in these evenings, whether vibrant and loud or intimate and cosy. If you have not joined us yet, keep an eye out for our next little event. We look forward to creating with you.

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