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Updated: Jul 14, 2022


Can we pen a poem together? I asked Can we paint a song? Can we dance by dawn light? Art makes love and light last long – Create together. Tess Guinery THE MOONFLOWER MONOLOGUES

Image on the left:

25 November 2017 | Our first Pop-Up Launch at A Festive Summer in Cape Town.

Image on the right:

28 September 2018 | Our first Spring Collection Launch at The Golden Goose Artistry.

We are often asked, “How do you and Christie make things, together?” I suppose the question behind the question is “Do we sit together in front of one particular design, simultaneously putting pen to paper and hoping that our ideas collide in an impossibly perfect outpouring of inspired creativity?” Simply put – no. Little Bird has always been a messy but somehow coherent collaboration of Christie and me - an extension of the things we love. Naturally, it has changed as we have, but we have trusted the organic ebb and flow of our journey, and we have done it together. Above all the dreams of making beautiful things, of building small businesses and of having a studio to call our own, we have held fast to the notion that it would all be meaningless if we were doing it alone. It has taken time and mindful practice, but I suppose we have both become more secure in the fact that Little Bird isn’t a constant, and that our path is being laid out in front of us by the people we meet and the opportunities that come our way. As our lives and our little business continue to flourish and serve one another, we hope to embrace the unknown with peace – knowing that our Maker is guiding our steps. One thing we know for certain is that we will continue to try new things and create together, and that Little Bird will always be a home: for a community of artists and makers; for an array of thoughtfully crafted products. A home for connection and friendships and support. A home for inspiration and the let’s-try-that and let’s-go-there things. A home for family and children and conversation.

A home for a full and wonderful life.

Image above:

20 November 2022 | Us and our boys in our Little Bird Studio.

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