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Updated: Jun 17, 2022


One of the things we love most about our design studio is to see the businesses that we work with flourish and thrive. Kylie and Michael came to us when Kipekee Studio was just a dream of theirs, and since then it has become an icon in the local furniture design industry.

Kipekee Studio is a boutique woodworking company owned and operated by husband and wife team, Michael and Kylie Bornman. They create original, quality furniture; handcrafted with passion, care and most of all – love. Their aesthetic is minimal, natural and breathtakingly beautiful – with all their products being built to last. They seek to create meaningful items through simple yet sophisticated design, and above all, remain true to the natural aesthetic of the raw material they’re using.

Kipekee Studio has continuously supported us, encouraged us and backed our creativity. We have had the privilege of working together on multiple projects and it has always been an absolute joy – one of our favourites being a collaboration on a Selah Chair that was on show at 100 Percent Design South Africa.

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