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Over the past 6 years, we have had the wonderful privilege of working with both local and international businesses - coming alongside them and bringing their design dreams to life.

Inclusionem is a Dubai-based team of passionate Diversity and Inclusion consultants who specialise in strategic inclusive leadership programs and training. In 2022, we began reimagining the Inclusionem brand - its logo, typographic styling, image treatment and application. Since then, they have entrusted us with multiple design elements such as their stationery, website, social media templates, infographics, motion graphic storyboards and most recently, a collection of highly acclaimed white papers encompassing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the D&I field. Not only have we loved working on all aspects of this bold, human-centric brand, but we have formed lasting relationships with the Inclusionem team that are rooted in mutual trust and understanding.

Check out their website at

Or follow them @inclusionem_

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