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10 . 01 . 2021


The beginning of 2020 brought about the prospects of some very exciting projects, the involvement in a new and local coffee shop being one of them. We were hard at work brainstorming names, moodboards and coffee shop cultures when the project came to a holt due to Level 5 lockdown. As restrictions started to ease we were back in action, bringing our collaborative vision for the space to life! We feel so proud to be a part of this special coffee shop that celebrates community, conversation and all things local, knowing that it was birthed out of an uncertain time in our world. We were a part of just about every detail related to this project - dream come true, right!? We came up with the name 'Neighbour' knowing that the Poplar-on-Park centre (in which the coffee shop and workspace is set) is a special place for it's surrounding community. Neighbour is both a coffee shop and a workspace and truly has only wonderful things to offer its community.

The Sight Seekers- Neighbour Photos-16.j

“Coffee and Conversation"

This special spot is turning into the best kept secret. Tucked away in a sweet suburb in Riverclub, Neighbour welcomes business men and women, families, sweet pups and their owners, cyclists looking for a refreshing stop and those looking to have a delicious coffee and toastie in the park. This space is equipped for its community and we hope you make the time to go for a sweet visit soon!

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