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14 . 06 . 2020


At our Little Bird studio, we have such a passion for community and collaboration, not to mention products that celebrate our local skills and talents. Earlier this year we contacted the wonderful Melissa Louise who is an incredibly inspiring creative based in Cape Town. Together, we dreamed up a collaboration that celebrated all that is wonderful about the winter season. We wanted to encourage a sense of ‘hygge’ (a wonderful Danish word for a cosy ambience / the ritual of enjoying life’s simplest pleasures). Not only did we want our collaboration to bring a warm hug into people’s homes, but we wanted to ensure our goods could be reusable, bringing all those who purchased our collaboration endless enjoyment.


In a seamless collaboration, we crafted the beautiful Wynter Wilde range. Wynter Wilde consists of a divine, hand-poured soy candle scented with sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and rose. The candle is cosily carried in an organic hemp cotton bag, each made by hand and embroided with a fine and uniquely beautiful pattern.


The Wynter Wilde range is limited to only 20 units, allowing each purchase to be one worth celebrating! We truly hope that this collaboration brings you as much joy as it has us. We thank you for supporting local creatives and trust that we can continue to work on wonderful projects with fellow creatives into the future.


Browse the Wynter Wilde range here.

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