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10 . 05 . 2020


Just before lockdown, we sat at the back of a coffee shop with the wonderful Daria Higgins and dreamt about a personal project of hers - Kuier. Daria told us about her passion for sharing stories; stories about the origin and history of food, stories about culture and exploration as well as the stories and connections that are formed around a table. Kuier would be a place for her to write, to showcase her food, lifestyle and travel photography as well as a place to bring people together.


“I want Kuier to be a celebration of community and connection.” She said.


We sat and listened quietly, Christie and I giving each other subtle glances and cheesy grins across the table as we quickly realised we had walked right into a project we had been dreaming about for over a year. 


In a nutshell, in the October of 2018, I had visited Bali and had found myself in a local café with a quote painted on the wall. As I read the hand-lettered words, it felt as though they spoke directly to my soul.

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.” 

I immediately sent Christie a message and we spoke about how we wanted Little Bird to be more than just a source of income, but rather a platform for us to create community.


Today, we find ourselves praying that our business continues to be rooted in the connections we form with people. And here we are, working with a pretty phenomenal woman whose brand embodies all that and more. To say we were excited to work on Kuier would be a MASSIVE understatement. We loved being a part of bringing it to life and we cannot wait to see how it flourishes into the future. We had the pleasure of designing the Kuier logo and brand identity as well as the website. Take a peek at the full website here

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