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15 . 12 . 2021


“When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.” 

Little Bird will always be our first baby - we have poured our hearts into every facet of it and we have watched it grow, change and flourish in spite of difficult circumstances - but with both of our families expanding, we were finding that we didn’t have the same capacity that we used to. With that in mind, we felt that it was time to build a longer table and share the blessing that Little Bird has been to us. 


Because the last 2 years have been messy, unpredictable and at times incredibly isolating, we have witnessed the value of community and how sometimes you just need an extra set of hands, another point of view or a different approach. We decided to host our very first Little Bird Creative Community workshop on a cozy, rainy morning, where we shared the heart and future dreams of Little Bird with a few fellow creatives. We let down our guards and got to know each other; sharing our ideas, our strengths and the work of our hands. Each lovely lady brought something unique to the table (whether it was illustration, design, photography, typography or just a fun way of approaching a brief), giving us a little glimpse of what the future could hold for Little Bird and the beautiful creative community that has made it what it is today. We are all about community and building relationships, so we are incredibly excited to see what comes next for Little Bird and our creative community.

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