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02 . 06 . 2019


Our wonderful friends from the specialty coffee roastery, Beethoven Coffee Co. approached us to help them with a little brand clean up and some packaging design.


Once we had finalized a logo, brand typography and colour palette, it was time to conceptualise how Beethoven would appear on a shelf. We sat together and imagined what the packaging would look like, what form it would take. We created mockups and did test prints, and then went back to the drawing board and brainstormed further. We finally settled on a beautiful navy box with a gold wax seal. The design is simple and refined but most importantly adaptable to the multiple varieties of coffee on offer. 


Beethoven Coffee Co. is now an established coffee brand roasting only speciality coffee, which is graded at 80% or higher. Each coffee has a unique roast profile tailored to its specific characteristics and flavours. 


We are so proud to have played a part in their journey. 


Visit their website here.

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